We believe that clients should know up front what their lawyers will charge them.

We also believe that clients should feel comfortable having as much access to their lawyer as they need without having to worry about how much they will be billed for each phone call.

We use transparent, flat-fee pricing that eliminates the uncertainty of how much you will spend on your legal matter. Flat fees are customized for each specific client’s needs and we will always agree up front on the flat fee for the matter before we begin our work. Our fees are reasonable, fair, and reflect the value we provide. 

We don’t bill by the hour because we believe our clients should be able to budget for their legal spend and no one wants to commit to paying for a service before knowing what it will cost.

Whether we are representing you in court, preparing a contract for you or negotiating your pre-suit matter, our flat-fee pricing is for both transactional and litigation matters.